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Fab Football Art & Retro Posters
02 October 2021
by chris lee

This all started during lockdown in early 2020 when I decided to begin making some football posters that I’d had in mind for a while. What started as a hobby has since developed into something of an obsession!

Initially, I began creating transit style maps, showing significant games from a team’s history. I suppose the inspiration was the FA’s 150th anniversary tube map, I liked the mixture of map design and footballers’ names. So, from that I started playing around with ideas, and realised it was a great way to celebrate the achievements of football clubs.

Since then I’ve made over 100 football related posters. As well as maps, I’ve branched out into a variety of other football designs, often using classic football shirts. I’m particularly inspired by kits from the 80s & 90s. I really enjoyed going to football games back then, and those kits have a real sense of nostalgia about them. Watching Sheffield Wednesday up and down the country, I recall seeing some of the best and worst kits in action!

My retro balls celebrate classic kits from specific teams or eras, the international retro ball brings back so many memories of World Cups and European Championships. I’ve even mixed ice creams with kits in my ‘fab football’ poster! Of course, there’s a Chris Waddle shirt poster too, the 2nd greatest player to ever play for Sheffield Wednesday. The first? David Hirst, obviously. 

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