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You’ll Never Draw Alone
04 April 2022
by Matty McTodd

Hello there, my name is Matty, I’m a freelance illustrating scouser now living in Leeds. I’m a massive Liverpool fan, but I love all things footie.  At the age of 33, I’ve seen the highs and lows of LFC, from Klopp to Hodgson, from Adidas to Warrior, the joys of Istanbul to the misery in Kiev.

I’ve always had an affinity for football shirts which started back in 1998 with the Brazil kit for France ’98.  My Dad always encouraged my obsession, I vividly remember owning Romario ’94 [Brazil], Ronaldo ’98 [Brazil], Raul ’99 [Real Madrid], Rivaldo ’00 [Barcelona]… Never noticed the amount of “R’s” in that list before, but this continued into owning various shirts from Inter Milan, Valencia, Juventus, Bayern Munich as well as every home, away & third LFC kit from about 1989-2015!!

As I said, I’m a freelance illustrator, so my bread and butter is portraits of footballers, mainly the Liverpool team, but I’ve been lucky enough to be commissioned on the BBC Euro 2020 opening credits as well as over 150x Badge Commissions from Jude Bellingham, Henrik Larsson, Paolo Maldini & of course, about 14x Jürgen Klopps.

Head over to to take a look at what’s currently for sale, or head over to to see my portfolio.

You’ll Never Walk Alone